“Fulfilling All of your Outdoor needs!”

Our focus is to provide superior landscape design, installation, and maintenance services for the residential and commercial customer.

Whether a project is a small garden design or an overall landscape plan, we enjoy consulting with clients and working closely with them to create personal and livable outdoor environments.

Our Landscape services include:

  • Landscape Consultation
  • New Home Landscaping
  • Landscape Renovation
  • Hardscapes
  • New Lawn Installation
  • Mulch Installation
Working on a Deck

Our primary objective of the initial consultation is to get to know the customer, their personality, and family. A beautiful outdoor living space is a valuable and often costly investment and so it is essential to have a clear understanding of the project.

We will discuss your landscape goals in detail as well as budget, and offer expert advice to reach those goals. At this time we like to take several measurements and photos of your property so we can more accurately put your goals and our creativity on paper. Before we leave your property we will set a future follow up meeting to present to you the design and estimate.

Design and Presentation

Now that we have the information we need, we begin the design process. We will identify design issues, find creative solutions and troubleshoot potential grading, drainage and other problems. We create detailed lists of the estimated materials needed as well as an estimate for the time involved in the project.

Upon presentation, we will share the ideas we have created, bring product samples, and cost estimates. Upon review of these items, we develop the project parameters and establish a timeline for the implementation of your project.


Your project is underway! Our skilled craftsmen construct, manipulate, build, plant and sweat to realize the vision we have created on paper. Our crews enjoy talking to and getting to know the customer. We enjoy sharing the excitement of creating new spaces and are always happy to take time to explain the installation process.

Time To Enjoy

We have completed installation and wish to familiarize you with the space we have created. We want you to understand how your landscape works. To that end, we will walk you through the project and point out specific areas which require maintenance, point out ornamental features, and answer any questions you may have about the project.

New Home Landscape

“Make your dream House a Dream HOME”

With a growing economy people are once again building and buying new homes. One of the easiest things to overlook with your new investment is the landscaping. A proper landscape will offer many cost-saving benefits as well as protection to your new home. Erosion control, increased property value, and peace of mind are just a few advantages of a simple landscape around your home.

By planting certain shrubs, you can prevent soil erosion from around your home. Eroded soil will expose and weaken your homes foundation causing your drainage system to overwork. If this happens, you could end up with a flooded basement and costly repairs. Protecting your soil with landscaping keeps grades and slopes in check.

Even the most simple landscape around a home can increase a home’s value by more than 15 percent. A combination of plants, shrubs and ground covers such as mulch or stone will accent the architecture of your home creating positive curb appeal. A foundation landscape is a great way to keep mowers, line trimmers, and other equipment away from siding, windows, and utilities such as hoses, air conditioners, and pool equipment.

Moving into a new home is the perfect opportunity to create the outdoor living space you’ve always wanted. Having a clean-slate makes visualizing your dreams much easier. Landscape MDs works right beside you incorporating your ideas and needs along with our distinctive creativity to create your dream landscape.

Landscape Renovation

“Out with Old In with the NEW”

Landscape renovation is an important part of home improvement. Even with frequent trimming and maintenance, foundation plantings get overcrowded after 15 years. Depending on how close your trees and shrubs were originally spaced, and what types of plants were used, this overcrowding could begin much sooner

The current trend in our area is to over-plant. While this style of planting creates an established look much sooner, it also creates a need to renovate foundation plantings much sooner. This is especially true when the wrong plants are used for plantings close to a house (plants that grow too fast or large for their allotted space).

Most of our client’s home improvement inquiries regard overcrowded plantings that are over 20 years old. At this advanced stage of growth, shrubs are blocking windows and overpowering the house. These overgrown plantings also crowd sidewalks, getting visitors wet as they brush past them on rainy days. They also give houses that ‘abandoned’ look

It often comes as a great surprise when clients learn that foundation plantings have a limited lifespan, and should be renovated once they are 15 years old. If the right trees have been planted in the right places in lawn areas, they can remain for much longer. It’s the close proximity to foundations and sidewalks that create an earlier need for foundation planting renovations

While we can attempt to salvage whatever existing plants that are still in good shape and will blend with new plantings, it’s been our experience that ‘starting from scratch’ makes the most sense. Mixing new plantings with old plantings often creates too much of a generation gap.