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PruningPruning is the process of trimming trees, shrubs, and other plants in order to promote health and growth, and to control the shape of the plant. When pruning, it is important to understand the right time and method for each particular type of tree or shrub. Proper pruning can lead to more blooms and a healthier, fuller, and more appealing plant.

Successful pruning requires a degree of knowledge and understanding. If not performed properly the incorrect pruning can severely damage the plant. As with any cutting operation (like carpentry or sewing) once a cut is made it cannot be undone, so before you cut be sure that you know what you are doing.

Without getting too technical a general overview of pruning practices is provided below:

If you see stems that are withered, dried, damaged, or diseased, these should be removed to improve the health of the rest of the plant. Prune away any water sprouts or suckers. (Water sprouts are vertical shoots on the trunk or branches. Suckers are vigorous shoots that grow vertically from roots or the base of the plant.) Also prune any crossing or rubbing branches.

Trees and shrubs that bloom in early spring should be pruned in late spring just after they stop blooming. Plants that bloom in summer should be pruned when dormant in the winter.
Hydrangea should be pruned before midsummer. Hedge shrubs can have new growth sheared frequently during the early part of the growth season. Shade trees should be pruned in winter when dormant. Evergreens are best pruned early in the growth season.

It is important to be aware that some municipalities have ordinances that require pruning of city planted trees to be performed by a certified pruner. Such as: Green Bay City Ordinance 25.21(4)(a) that states:
“It shall be unlawful for any person to plant, prune, or remove any tree (or portion thereof), shrub, or other plant, upon any public property without a permit.”

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time doing research and homework on proper pruning techniques, or if you just have other more intriguing pursuits, then the professionals at Landscape MDs will be happy to take care of you pruning needs. Call us to discuss the services that we can provide to improve the overall appearance and health of your landscaping.