Return of Spring

18124547_sWith the return of spring, when the long winter finally ends and the snow melts uncovering the grass, we are once again reminded that we have a yard.

Now is the time to start thinking about our lawn and preparing it for the summer. In addition to getting the lawnmower ready for operation there are several lawn preparation tasks that should be considered, namely: dethatching, aeration, fertilization, and pruning.

Dethatching – Thatch is the buildup of dead plant material in the yard. This buildup hinders the light, nutrients, oxygen, and water from reaching the soil and roots of the grass. Removing this undecomposed material helps to create a healthy lawn. The process of dethatching also loosens the soils surface and promotes reseeding, better water infiltration, and conditions for more effective fertilization. It also opens up more room for new plants to grow. Dethatching is performed by removing the thatch through heavy raking.
Aeration – Aerating the soil is the process of creating holes within the yard in order to help water and nutrients more effectively penetrate the surface and reach the roots. Aeration improves yard drainage and increases water infiltration. Aeration is performed by manually punching the holes into the ground with a spiked tool or by coring and removing a plug that is left on the surface.
Fertilization – Fertilization is necessary in order to resupply the nutrients that are naturally depleted from the soil. Fertilization will also help chemically rebalance soil and can encourage the growth of soil microorganisms to promote healthy growth of grass, trees and shrubs. Fertilizer can be applied with a spreader or sprayed on with a liquid applicator.
Pruning – Pruning is the process of trimming trees and shrubs in order to promote health and growth, and to control the shape of the plant. When pruning, it is important to understand the right time and method for each particular type of tree or shrub. Proper pruning can lead to more blooms and a healthier, fuller, and more appealing plant.

During the summer you may be thinking of spending more time outdoors, but yard work may not be one of those activities high on the list of things to do. Let Landscape MDs take care of the work so that you can get out and enjoy the outdoors.