Fertilization and Weed Control

lawn fertilizingWhen standing in the Lawn & Garden section of the store you may feel like you need to be a chemist in order to understand when and what type of fertilizer and herbicide to use on your lawn and how much to apply. Let the trained staff at Landscape MDs take the guesswork out of product selection and application. We have the experience and practice to choose the correct product that will work best for your yard and the season.

Fertilization – As plants go through their lifecycle, nutrients are continuously being pulled from the soil and need to be replenished in order for the plants to thrive. This nutrient replenishment is achieved with proper fertilization, which adds nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, other minerals, and balances the soils pH. Soil testing can be done to determine which nutrients are deficient and also test the acidity or alkalinity of the soil, and this will help determine the appropriate fertilizer.

Weed Control – If left untended, weeds and undesirable plants will take over your lawn and crowd out the grass. This will leave more exposed soil, kill grass, take nutrients away from desirable plants, and make your yard more difficult to maintain. Not to mention making your neighbors mad by allowing the weeds to spread to their yard! This will only get worse over time unless properly treated.

You may ask yourself “What’s the point of maintaining a well-kept yard?”, but the lawn is an important part of your property. Its upkeep does more than just “keep up with the Jones Family”. The lawn provides soil retention around your home and prevents the topsoil from washing away. This keeps erosion and sediment from filling in the streams and waterways, keeps dust from filling the air, and protects the foundation of your house. A nice yard also improves the appearance and curb-appeal of your home; and this increases the property value, and creates a sense of community and prosperity in the neighborhood.

Having a beautiful lawn can be easy and carefree for you when you let Landscape MDs take care of the yard work for you.